June 21st, 2002

Fishy Circumstances


You can tell I'm not nearly enough into sports by the fact I'm happy this morning, despite the fact both England and the US lost their matches this morning. I'm happy about the fact I've had a proper morning for the first time in quite a while. I like mornings, especially when I'm up early enough that they form a significant proportion of my day. I like early sunlight, and the cool of morning on a warm day, and having a proper breakfast. It's just that most mornings I'm too lazy to be bothered getting up in time.

This morning, Ellie invited Lindsay and me over to watch the US-Germany match at her place and have breakfast, so I was up bright an early to be over there by 7:30am. Bacon, egs, toast, fruit salad, orange juice... really happy food and nice company. And it's the summer solstice today, so it's extra-appropriate that I'm awake for more of the sunshine than usual.

Anyways, as long as Brazil keeps winning, my neighborhood celebrates. At this point, I think I'll cheer on the underdogs, South Korea and Senegal. I'd love it if one of them won!
Fishy Circumstances

Italy update

RAI, Italy's major TV semi-monopoly, is threatening to sue FIFA for the refereeing errors it believed happened during Italy's games. The exit of Italy, of course, equals declining watchers and thus revenue for the corporation. And so it goes on... (seen in local newspaper. I'm sure there's lots of web info on the subject but I haven't looked yet today.)
Fishy Circumstances

Iffer appears!

Hurray! Not only is it good to see littleowl posting again on LJ (not that Bethy's not been posting plenty of lovely baby Victor-updated!), but f_butterfly/Iffer's just started a LJ too! I had no idea that my attempt to set myself daily work goals would indirectly lead to me finding lots of my friends again! Hello!

On a completely different note, Cory Doctorow noted a really neat link today, to a web site about skyscrapers, full of comparative charts and diagrams, and all sorts of buildings that aren't even built yet but will be. C. is moving from the 2nd tallest building in the city to the 21st tallest building. Now isn't that a bit of nicely useless knowledge!

Hmm... it's pouring, pouring rain outside now, thunder and lightning. Perhaps I won't be practicing inline skates today after all. REALLY pouring it down. As if a lake were falling on the street outside. It has an hour to calm down before Anime - and consequently being outdoors - calls.