June 22nd, 2002

Fishy Circumstances


Quite by accident, en route back from today's brunch-place-of-choice (Mitzi's!), we ran across the city branch of a major folk festival happening in another two weeks. It was marginally too warm and sunny, but the music was really good! I was inspired enough I bought the festival CD, which is, by and large, quite good. I haven't bought new music in quite a while. There were 3 stages, but we settled for the one sitting on the grass... due to liking the music being played there, rather than the grass per se. I'm glad it happened - except then we felt we had to leave so as to go do laundry and clean up and now, having had lots of sun and alot of food, I'm feeling too sleepy/lazy to do the working part of coming back here. Maybe I'll at least do some lazy tidying up. We've a party to go to this evening, and perhaps another trip back to the nearby music festival.

Yesterday, true being done with thesis was an option, but then C. came home really, really early and I started reading weblogs and.. well... a measly 3 sentences to go. Maybe an hour's work if they're problematic. So I have no excuses for not turning in the polished version on Monday. Only a week later than I had scheduled it for two weeks ago - could be worse. Bright side: it'll be done! Downside; I could have had it done ages ago.

A main source of distraction yesterday was discovering lots of people I know from back when have LJs: jennybeast, sioneva, f_butterfly, rhiannon76, and brennabe. Which is a huge number to all run across in only one hour!

So... will Spain react the way Italy has over having had two goals disallowed against South Korea? I hope not! I'm still happy one of the underdogs is in, since Senegal lost out to Turkey. Both games sound much more exciting than yesterday's, from what I've read.