August 1st, 2002

Fishy Circumstances


I realized to my surprise this morning that I'd not caught up on reading LJ entries for a few days... and in those days the people I know have been particularly effusive in their posts. Happily, this was a good experience, since they all have so many interesting and worthwhile things to say.

As for me? I've not posted goals or whether or not I fullfilled goals in a while, and that's because I've not really been getting anything done towards dissertation work since last week. The past two days have felt productive, but deceptively so, since it was done for a professor in my department, and not for myself. On the bright side, it's a bit of extra income. On the down side, that's been a major reason why I've been net-connectionless lately.

Last night, C. and I went out to the Papal Bulls' softball game. They lost, but the game was good, and I remembered to bring a hat this time around, so I wasn't entirely blinded by the sun. Hurray! The Sluggy "virus" is spreading. James was still hyper on Kiki references, and Jennifer, having gotten intrigued, was by this week also enthusing over it. Andrea and Anthony have both asked me for the URL. I played darts for the first time in a year or two - not that I was ever much good in the first place. We played in teams and won perhap 2 out of 5 games, between the three different people I partnered in the game. A few of the people there are incoming students for the autumn. I like it when they make an effort to acquaint themselves with the department's social scene before starting - especially if they're around and on campus anyways, in this case, for Latin.

I should have finished reading Winston's thesis a year ago, but I didn't. I'm nearly done now, and then will gather up some of the bibliographic info and duly return it to his box, hopefully this afternoon. I'd like to send it back with a gifty attached, but I'm not sure what's appropriate to assuage my guilt over my belatedness in all this. Thanks to working with EndNote at the professor's house the past few days, I now have guidance in how to make FileMaker do me a good bibliography database, especially since I've already splashed out on the program. C. even said he could script me some database connections if I really wanted, exactly the sort of special feature for which people buy products like EndNote. I figure, I already own one database product, I'd rather avoid investing in a second unless it's absolutely necessary.

Speaking of my lovely computer, I've ordered a new computer case (in navy) to make it easier to bring it home with me in a week or so. I do already have a computer backpack, but 1) my new computer doesn't fit in it and 2) the old computer case usually made me overbalance backwards on a regular basis since it wasn't overly well designed.

My sister, last I heard, is having a decent vacation on the beaches of Rhodes, and my parents are all back home. I think the Italians were leaving today, so the house will be tranquil again... until next week when the roofers arrive to redo the roof.

Sadly and unsurprisingly, the pepper thieves have paid the deck visits both of the past two nights. The night before last they finally did in the flowering plant, which is now a limp little relic of its previous self. They also stole a pepper plant while they were at it, and did in the last of the plant labels I'd left out. The duplicate cayenne pepper label was torn in two, one half left in a hole in the pepper bed, the other littered halfway on the other side of the deck. Last night was - happily - less cruel to plants, if worse from an overall mess perspective. I'd righted the flowering plant pot. They dug in it again and knocked it over again - even though it no longer had any plant in it. They also tore open one of the soil bags and dug out a largish pile of dirt onto the deck. Therein lies the mess which needs cleaning up. Conor's recommended something called bloodmeal which is available at gardening stores and Canadian Tire. But according to Canadian Tire's website, they're only recommending it against squirrels, and I already know squirrels are not the problem. Hmmmm.

Forthcoming, still promised LJ postings: that lovely duck salad we had for dinner earlier in the week; and more on Winston's thesis - which is on the iconography of alchemical illustrations in the 14th-16th centuries. See? It sounds interesting now!

My goals du jour? Finish Winston's thesis; throw together the initial version of a bibliographic database for myself (preferably adapting the one I'm already using for my thesis, in the name of efficiency); and, if time permits before I need to run off to SciFi pub night, write up the methodology information I discussed with Jenene back on Saturday.

I should also see if I can get tickets for the concert the Lindsay-crowd are going to tonight. (the Jeff Healey band, which are playing, nicely enough, at Jeff Healery's own place)
Fishy Circumstances


Got the tickets for tonight's concert on the first try calling. Hurray! And Lindsay said they were hard to get ahold of.