August 7th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances


I fell asleep for a while when I came home today. My days have been fairly full lately, which explains it. Yesterday I was at the library all day, then watched the softball game, followed by an evening at the pub with the softball team. I suspect that'll be the last game I'll be able to watch for this season. The suspicion depends on whether or not they make the playoffs.

In theory, my computer backpack has arrived. In practice, I'm not sure how to get it. The delivery people left a note and if they get mine in return tomorrow, we'll be set. All it requires is a signature.

I am learning a great deal about mushrooms, thistles, barnacles, seaweed, and other such subjects in passing at the moment. None of which will come in handy on dissertation work.
Fishy Circumstances

Up catching

There were lots of LJ things to read today, thanks to me running around a great deal for the last several.

I covet a day somewhen soon to play around with productively frivolous things. Redo my website and put it on a server I can ftp to. (In case any of you noticed, that's why I've not been updating my website much in a long time, I have to do it manually, from telnet.) Gather up RSS feeds. Make my pretty little mosaic clock. Work on the jigsaw puzzle I received for my birthday. Read a book or two. Put photos in photo albums.

Hmm, I could finish making the owl legible tonight. That's a nice little finite project (hopefully) and maybe C. would even benefit from it.
Fishy Circumstances


As I wait for dinner to be ready (any minute now!) I've been browsing through As with any such service still in its growth phase, there are lots of the (more major) sites I follow which are not yet listed. But that's not the important thing. The entertainment value comes from seeing how sites are related to one another, parent, sibling, and child. Anyways, it was of passing interest.