August 10th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

Bits and pieces

I spent much of today running around doing more errands for a professor as earlier mentioned. But today, all my little runnings around and photocopyings resulted in a lovely little power trip for me. Thanks to me, 160 students and TAs will have to use a Dark Greek reader this coming year. Aren't they lucky. I could choose any color I wished. Everything else was out of my hands, especially since dropping off the materials for the course reader at the printer was the entire extent of my contribution towards the courses. That, and photocopying/pasting in prettily two new very-out-of-copyright articles.

No one else I talked to about it was too keen on the enforced lack of telnet catalog at the University either. It's simply faster and more accessible, especially from off campus.

I also accomplished errands today, picking up a rather overwhelming 16 rolls of developed film. (The oldest of which were more pictures of you, spunbutterfly! And a few nice ones of Sunny.) I tried to run anti-racoon errands at Canadian Tire but, bad store, they'd gutted their garden department. I failed to acquire mulch or bloodmeal, and instead invested in a useful slotted spoon and barbecue tongs. I needed those things, but not as much as I wanted the things-with-which-to-keep-plants-safe.

We neither went out with the Serial Diners tonight, nor did we go see Y Tu Mama Tambien. Instead, the evening's consisted of some leisurely looking at pictures (lots of pictures), fiddling around with computers (C.) and me renewing the inferiority complex which inevitably develops from reading Smith's Alumnae Quarterly, full of articles about overwhelmingly accomplishful women.

Only two days left before I go home! Must do lots of cleaning this weekend.
Fishy Circumstances


Food, especially carbohydrates, sends me right to sleep. So thus far, today, I've slept in, eaten brunch, taken a nap, and arranged to go out and do some eating this evening with a last-minute roundup from the usual group. The Taste of the Danforth is a huge event, involving blocking off a fair many city blocks to make room for pedestrian crowds, concerts, street hockey, and lots of Greek food, in addition to samplings of food from all sorts of other nationalities. Hopefully we'll be able to keep together, since in a crowd that size, it's easy to loose others in the press. And if it's too crowded? Why there's always taking refuge in a restaurant.

Most of the usuals have been in the city a week or two under a year and haven't made it to Taste of the Danforth yet. I'm spreading cultural experiences.
Fishy Circumstances


Since I finally put a draft of the Owlfish painting up, I should say a bit about it. As of a year and a half ago, C.'s web host was expiring and it seemed like the perfect time to acquire our own. Downside: we had about a day in which to brainstorm up a name we could both agree to use. "Owlfish" was the result, especially since C. collects (or perhaps accumulated) little owl sculptures. (See also littleowl, although her interest in them was completely independent of C.'s). So... we registered the domain

His birthday was a few months later, and as a birthday gift, his mother, who has a real talent painting celtic knotwork, seashells, flowers, and decorating cakes, sent him a painting she'd done, the tiny version of which is now my LJ picture. (I'm sure she'd be happy to take commissions). In fact, she actually sent a scan of the image first and we picked up the painting the next time we visited. A week or so ago, I shrunk down the image and then, off and on, cleaned it up so the color complexity in the plumage is more decipherable. The job's not done yet, but it's much more comprehensible than it used to be.

Anyways, ideally we could host the domain ourself (especially if static IPs were easier to come by). As of now, we don't, C. doesn't update the site much, and my site is still perched where it's been for years, and has been telnet-only updatable for quite a while now, resulting in its extensive neglect on my part. But really, a weblog is just another form of webpage, so this is currently my actively maintained website, and the CS one is just in hibernation until we can decide where we really want the pages to reside. There's no point making the site all pretty and updated until I know it's at a location where it can stay for years to come, after all.

One last note: My parents gave me a lovely pair of owl and fish sculptures for my birthday a few weeks ago. The fish is especially lovely, brightly painted pottery, now swimming among the owls on the corner shelves.