August 16th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

Shots of Toronto

I saw Toronto tonight, in a movie. My Big Fat Greek Wedding was set in Chicago but filmed in Toronto. It was a decently fun movie, with a few truly stellar moments (the water sprinklers!). I also noticed Toronto in an article today: the Des Moines-based World Food Prize recipient will be announced there soon. (The World Food Prize is given to the person who, in the last year, has done the most to ease world hunger in some way).

I'm just as tuned in to mentions of my other places, like Des Moines, but Des Moines rarely makes international headlines when it's not election season, not the way Toronto does. There are lots of places I notice, most ones which I've had some memorable bit of life in, but of course, home is always the most exciting to see mentioned.

Speaking of places, random gossip, the new city library is going to be designed by an architect who has had his design for a new cemetary island for Venice approved. Wow.... a new cemetary island.

Meanwhile, speaking of Italy, my sister's been miserably sick this week, poor girl. She had to cancel a trip to Siena because of it and, from what I hear, her boyfriends' relatives had been cooking a week for the meal. At least she's basically finished her internship now, only one day to go and that's a flexible one.
Fishy Circumstances

Lack of work

I was well intentioned, but tired today, since I started out the day by going skating with my father. Or rather, he was on a bicycle, I was on skates. The surface was perfect for it, happily. But having exerted myself, and then filled myself up at DMAC with lunch, with my parents, I was full and tired and came home and napped. I did do some more reading of the old textbooks, which is useful, but nothing more than that. I must do better tomorrow.
Fishy Circumstances

Deck party!

Hurray, I finally did it. C. and I have lived in our lovely apartment for nearly a year now... and we're FINALLY having our long-promised deck party. Our deck is too nice not to have a party on it, and we've finally committed to one. The invitations are out. Even if it's pouring rain, we can have a party in honor of the deck, if not actually on it.
Fishy Circumstances

A could-be-better day

It wasn't a bad day. It's just that I woke up sick. Not badly sick, just congested, feverish. That kind of thing. If I have to be sick, this is a decent way to do it. But it has giving me a short attention span and made me want to rest quite a bit, unsurprisingly. So of course practically no work was done. I tried a bit of bibliography mindlessness, but even that didn't seem worth the effort so I had a nice read of fiction this afternoon, beginning and ending The Subtle Knife, the sequel I could not before be bothered to read since I failed to be gripped by the first book in the series. I just didn't empathize with the characters and aspects of the writing style bothered me. But I liked book 2 better. It hung together and felt more focused to me. That, and there was a more sympathetic character introduced.

I've been wondering... did I catch this cold from my sister, over the phone, or from f_butterfly over LJ?

In other not-so-good news, C's flight here was cancelled - and he's only coming for a weekend trip! Hopefully he'll be flying in at 9:30 tomorrow morning, but if he doesn't get on the flight, odds are he'll skip the entire trip. Sadly.