August 21st, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

Pretty bird!

From today's reading of the online news: A pretty and thought-maybe-no-longer-around parrot still is, in Columbia, and what a pretty breed it is too! The colors are very striking.

In other news, the UK government will be rereleasing the 5 pound note... this time without the rub-offable ink. (And the bill in general has a woman on the back of it! I was initially going to exclaim over a member of the female persuasion being on it at all, but rethought that with the Queen in mind. The U.S., in sad contrast, only has a token female, much unused coin - Susan B. Anthony was replaced by Sacajawea, but either way, it was the token female coin.)
Fishy Circumstances

The End of Gothic

The weather is still lovely here and still isn't as miserable as is Toronto, especially since C. reports that the air-conditioning is STILL off in the house there. It's far warmer indoors than out, and that's not usually the way I'd like it in the summer. At least the bedroom is cooling off with open windows and fans, but not enough, from all reports. Speaking of the house, I knew from last week that I'm down to 2 pepper plants, but the racoons have been kindly and left them alone while C. was gone, visiting me.

Back in DM, I was indoors feeling vaguely productive. I've finished the Gothic, Romanesque, and pre-Renaissance bibliographies, plus some highlights of the Renaissance one, since it went on for too many columns to bother doing properly. Who knows, I may someday regret not doing so, but I doubt it. I have an article I specifically want to read tomorrow, something my parents have a copy of. I located my copy of David McCauley's The Way Things Work which I kepts coveting while TAing in the past year or two. It not necessarily as informative as I remembered it being, but it's informative enough I may bother lugging it back to Toronto. At some point in the next week or so I should do a little Latin review. I have no intention of being able to pass the PhD exam this fall, but it would be embarassing to do so poorly that it looks as if I should be back in MA latin despite having passed it already.

I haven't been skating again yet since my fall, but my knee is healing nicely so it's probably safe to go out again. That and my cold is basically gone, give or take a few sniffles, so if it was an inner ear imbalance (as haggisthesecond thought possible, and may indeed have been) then hopefully that's been resolved as well.

I have a party to host this weekend and am wondering if ice cream sundaes would be a feasible thing to have for it. C. thinks it would be too messy and melty. If I only had one tub of ice cream out at a time though, and left all the supplies in the kitchen it might be okay. Then again, it could be disastrous if it was dropped inopportunely on anything and (sadly) we do have a white couch. (It was cheap and comfortable.)