August 22nd, 2002

Fishy Circumstances


I am more and more pleased with my database. Part of this is simply acquiring greater familiarity with how Filemaker functions and what it can do, especially playing with portals, scripts, and buttons. My notecard database is now ever so much more useful, since my bibliographic database now automatically finds the notecards which are related to the bibliographic source one is looking at. Yes, I know, this doesn't count as real work, but it's still satifsying, and the goal is to make real work easier to accomplish.

Other positive and related notes: I was very happy to receive an emailed reminder from Steve, a past graduate of my current program, encouraging me to submit a paper for Avista's K'zoo session. I'm still intending to do it, and must work on it very very soon. I need to decide exactly what I would like to do the paper on. Also, in response to the party invite, I received a lovely list of possibly useful sources from Jess, the PhD student with whom I currently have the most research interests in common. Very kind of him.
Fishy Circumstances

Seeing things from afar

I'm much of the way through the Amber Spyglass now. I've liked both it and its immediate prequel better than the Golden Compass. After all this, I still don't feel much empathy with Lyra, although I like her daemon. Speaking of her daemon, I should find out what 'Pantaleimon' means. I ran across a medieval painting of St. Panataleimon in the art textbook I was lifting bibliography from earlier this week, and it was a small world coincidental moment, since I'd been reading the Subtle Knife around that time.
Fishy Circumstances

The Eyre Affair, revisited

The Eyre Affair was a delightful book and I still recommend it highly. If you've read it, you'll know the significance - and near miss - of this article on yesterday's theft of several first edition Dickens manuscripts. They tried to steal some copies of The Pickwick Papers, but failed. The theft did not take place at Gad Hill.

However... it did take place at the Dickens House Museum, the museum I have still not visited. Obviously there are a great many museums in the world I have not visited, but I haven't visited this one in particular. My family lived for a year just a block or two away from it and never made it there.