August 27th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

Task of the day

I spent yesterday in the campus libraries rounding up books. Today, my goal is to go through some of those books and see if it helps clarify my new-found dissertation focus. Additionally, at some point I should start going through journal indices to see what I can find there. I spent the last hour or so dappling in one of my previous subjects, back when I was working on what people thought about the weather in the Middle Ages. It was enjoyable, but I really need to do real work now.

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Fishy Circumstances

Staying still

I am so very glad I am not moving this year. It's the first end-of-August I haven't moved in this city, since I've finally found an apartment I like very well indeed. I was reminded of this by the three different brands of moving vans which just drove by the window.