August 30th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances


There are planes rumbling back and forth over my house but the sky is too luminously hazy for me to see them. It's the annual Airshow over Labor Day weekend and if the weather clears enough for blue skies over the next few days, we should have an excellent view of it from our deck. And whether or not we want to hear it, there will be the frequent, loud, low zooming of formation jets near and over the building. Last year, Labor Day hit just after we'd moved into this apartment, and it make me realize just quite what a nice deck we have. I spent hours watching the jets zoom overhead, perhaps avoiding the chores of unpacking in the process.

Yesterday did not qualify as a success. I was sleepy and working half-heartedly. I read maybe 20 pages and never went to the library to get the last of my academic-errand-running-for-professor out of the way. I have wasted large bits of day already sleeping in, but today I WILL be doing the errand-running, especially after talking to C. about it all yesterday. He observed I just wasn't all that excited about it yet, that I was still more into my MA topic. I knew why that was. I know lots and lots about my MA topic. It's easy for me to talk and think on it and related things to it, and I'm doing a conference paper in October related to it. I'm estimating that another 3 days of immersion and a forced sense of focus should give me a good enough kernel of information to work with, and next week will be a good time to work on it. Sure, there'll be distracting events for all the new students, but C. will be out of town, so my time is completely up to me to schedule. I know I'll try to get Film Festival tickets on Tuesday just a few of them, and there are lots of receptions to attend on Thursday, but most of Tuesday and Wednesday I should be able to be absorbed in running around learnin as much about glassy objects as I can. If I know something solid and real about my topic, I'm hoping that'll give me something specific to be excited about. This is also why I need to get the errand running out of the way, so it can be neither excuse nor distraction. I've been using excuses all summer. I hope doing these things will help this time.

Cirque du Soleil was - of course! - absolutely wonderful. It's amazing what human beings can do with themselves, and the humans juggling/flipping/acrobating humans with their feet was the most physically mind-boggling thing in the entire show. In terms of sheer beauty, I loved the Icarus-type with the net performance, and there was a very-beautiful-indeed balloon which C. now covets. Going to the show helped to make up for many of the inadequacies of yesterday.

If I'm up for it, there's Music Night tonight. I'm not convinced I am. My throat still hurts now and again, and I had the cold 2 weeks ago. Just a bit. We'll see.