September 4th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

Fish and trees

The professor I'm working for sent me to find out the current enrolment for her class - and found it was capped at 22, not 20 people. Consequently, I have a few more hours of work for her to do, finding bibliography on two hastily-decided-upon creatures (the cedar tree and a kind of flying-fish! I also need to add one or two works to the section on the wolf, but that can be borrowed from the general mammology books I found for the struggling horse section). It's been interesting browsing this material. And the most important lesson I learned? All the really important structural information about a subject can often be found in a good encyclopedia.

Some people go from bar to bar as they close down. Today, with libraries in their last week of summer hours, I'm going from library to library as they close down.

Tomorrow, however, will be spent doing no work whatsoever - well - maybe a little on flying fish and cedar trees. But no REAL work
Fishy Circumstances

The Bridges Minus One of Madison County

I never read the book. I never saw the movie. I did, however, go to summer camp when I was in elementary school, in Madison Country, of bridge fame. It's in central, southern Iowa.

Today's headline from the Des Moines Register says that the Cedar Bridge, the one evidently most famous from the movie, has burned down. There are 6 remaining covered bridges in the country. Anyways, you can read more on it here.

It's not sad because of the book or movie, which I never read, so much as it's a place I've visited, one of the lovely historic places from my childhood in a lovely countryside. Goodbye bridge! I'm glad you existed!
Fishy Circumstances

Nutshell of the day

Today: Still no warm water, but promise of morning repairs. More house cleaning. Light breakfast. Few hours of greeting new Centre students. Errand running to the U of T Press. Hour of preparing work for Prof. Meeting. Passed from office to office only to find out... a minor crisis requiring me to do some extra work for her. Took all afternoon and isn't done. Dinner at pub with post-Latin exam MA students. Home. Need to do newsletter but committed to online event. Hopefully will get lots of sleep and water the plants and - finally - warm water is back!