September 5th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

New people!

I don't know why meeting all the new people in my department, and at the Centre makes me so excited. Today I'll be spending all afternoon meeting incoming students, between events each department is holding, and I'm very excited about it.

However, I first need to finish off the newsletter pieces for tonight, since I'll have no time to work on it in the afternoon, so distracted shall I be in chatting with new and returning students, I'm sure. C. returns tonight!

Back to newsletter/crossword puzzle/maybe-not-a -stereogram-since-I-can't-get-the-software-to-do-what-I-want-it-to-land.
Fishy Circumstances

The weariness of socializing

I've spent all today being around people. It's very exhausting. I had a 9:30am appointment to move furniture for a professor, then an hour to finish up the newsletter before the Institute reception was underway. I met number of the new students in my department, and was delighted to find one of the returning students I'd never met before works on medieval subjects, while a new incoming will be focused on the Renaissance. In my department, I'm grateful when anyone does any kind of pre-17th century topic. They're a rarity.

Jenene was in town, and she and I and two of the other PhDs in our year went out for chatting and, in their case, lunch. It was a really good opportunity to talk and get the latest update/gossip on my advisor, who returns Saturday from 8 months abroad. I'll have an advisor again!

I showed up at the Centre's reception early, having misremembered its beginning time, but in time to help set up, and to help a lost incoming find the room it's all in. So at least I could be helpful. There were a slew of people at the reception I met for the first time (mostly incomings), or saw again for the first time since they returned from summer. And I met Brian Stock! He's someone I should have introduced myself to long, long ago. He's a senior professor whose work has some relation to my own. One of his books was on my specialist exam. I have his phone number and office details and an invitation to make an appointment and go chat about my work.

At the end of it all, I needed to go and deliver my beautifully produced newsletter. I'd made more copies of it than usualy, 40 instead of 30, just in case some people wanted to actually do all the puzzles but still save a clean copy. Attendance, however, was high, and if there was a spare stash of them anyways, I don't know where it was. I hope at least one person enjoys the wordsearches and crossword. I brough Cindy, a fellow Iowan and incoming Centre MA, along to the pub night. I think she enjoyed it - so far so good. She fit in easily. At least 5 different people asked where C. was. Cindy said I should make a sign, it would take less time. His airplane should land in about an hour or so from now.

I'm tired and not as panicked about finishing the final 2 organisms, since I just received email. I can turn in the last bibliographies and corrections on Monday morning, so I have the option of working on it both tomorrow and Monday mornings. Yes, I know, I could do it over the weekend, but I know I won't. Tomorrow afternoon's the Latin exam. I'm taking it more as a warmup exercise for the semester than because I have any intention or ability to pass the PhD one this time around.