September 10th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

Chrysanthemums are the new chiles

We planted the herbs last night and gave everything a good water. There's not been rain here in a while, after all. This morning, the herbs were fine, but the chrysanthemums I planted last week had been badly trampled. I wonder if the racoons climb over them en route to the rest of the deck. Poor things. At least it's a large mum plant, and many of the stems should get a chance to bloom, even while being irregularly trampled.
Fishy Circumstances

The fifteenth century? What's that?

I know a fair amount about categorizations of knowledge in the Middle Ages. I did an MA thesis on an aspect of the subject and have been doing conference papers on it ever since. Today I suddenly realized that there had to be people working on equalivent issues in the fifteenth century and I had absolutely no clue who they were. So I'm working on remedying this chasm in my knowledge. I know quite a bit more than I did this morning, but am still feeling fairly ignorant. Still, it's a step in the right direction.

My quest would have been aided had Robarts had any usable computers. (By usable, I mean one for which I don't have to wait at least an hour to look up a book or two in the card catalog). I found a useful book, found a number of useful Renaissance-era authors, and then walked all the way back across campus to libraries where I knew there to be usable computers. I looked up the authors. And of course the books were all the way back at Robarts. I'll return there tomorrow.

Meanwhile, today's been every so full of little errand running activities: finding out about my fellowship since I'd heard nothing from the project and it's already the first week of classes; trying to get a room for a meeting next week; looking up information which might come in handy for this proposal I really would like to send out tomorrow; and finding a few more people interested in helping to organize Vagantes. (Anyone out there want to hop on the bandwagon?)

This appears to be party week and I'm missing at least 4 of them by going home. Ah well. At least I can make the farewell party tomorrow for my department's graduate coordinator. I think the department will fall apart without him.