September 18th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

New and Old

Old Things
Zag, my department's administrative assistant, had a farewell party. It was all the usual catering, courtesy of Vic. They have minimal variety. They always provide an assortment of the same 7 things.

New Things
Today I spent much of the time helping students new to the university. I gave a tour of campus libraries and talked to new students about their latin classes. Latin seems promising this year - the professor is new, thoughtful, nervous, nice, and easily sidetracked. We're reading Seneca for the first week or so.

I bought a new cloak - my first velvet one, and my first really decorative one, starkly brilliant white. Zag's been selling off some things before his big move, and this was one of them. I bought some gargoyles from him last week.

I have a new video membership, this on at Suspect Video since I needed to track down some anime DVDs. Unfortunately, they could only oblige me on one of the three series I wanted to catch up on, and the most expendable of the three, Slayers TRY. I also need to finish off Trigun, and see 4 episodes of Princess Nine, but at this rate I won't be able to find them in the right format before Friday. They had Trigun, but all on video which does me no good.

Speaking of which, maybe we'll see Spirited Away this weekend, since it's coming out. (And on that train of thought, a new Harry Potter trailer came out in the past week.)

Following in ivpiter's footsteps - although I'm positive these are an entirely different set of people - I wandered across journals for a number of people I used to know. Many of the same sentiments apply.

Other things
It looks as if I don't need to buy a racket for badminton, based on the printout I have about the class, contrary to the AC book on the subject.

C.'s back from Newark!