September 24th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

Exostructure and Opera

Yesterday I spent a great deal of money, but at least most of it was in my long-term interests.
- padlock
- a year's locker rental at the Athletic Centre
- badminton racket (which 15 minutes later they figured out I didn't need to have purchased, but since I arrived at class early, the teacher, who is new, thought we all needed our own so I ran down to the shop and bought one)
- 6 months of temporary contacts (somewhat on whim - I haven't worn contacts in about 4 years - thought it couldn't hurt to try it again)
- a new pair of glasses (for the first time, I'm venturing into the cooler colors with glasses)
- an opera ticket (couldn't buy the other since I didn't know when Jessica could go with me)
- tickets for the Lion King (birthday gift for my sister!)
After returning the DVDs from Suspect, I went home... to find Lindsay needed someone to use her second opera ticket for last night after all. So, with half an hour to change and cook and eat, I went to see Tchaikovsky's The Queen of Spades with her.

I have never cared so little, one way or the other, about characters in an opera. They were nearly all idiots as far as I was concerned. I wasn't bothered when they all died horribly or ended up miserable. It was a good, pessimistic Russian opera, but played in such a way that it was either unintentionally or intentionally funny. I'm not sure which I would rather suspect it of. We laughed rather regularly, along with much of the rest of the final dress rehearsal audience.

Lindsay's landlady is the choreographer for the production, and most of the choreography was just fine, except for some oddities in the way the crowd was used as a punctuating devide, walking through in the same formation, in the same direction, at various points in a given conversation. It is also thanks to her very very kind and wonderful landlady that we had the tickets at all!

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