September 27th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

Today's goals

Draft an OGS proposal. Eat proper meals. Either attend the OGS workshop or else do 2 hours of ITER work. Go to latin tutorial. Make an appointment with the tutor to go over the exam with me.

Music Night's tonight but, for yet another month, I've neglected to type out the words to some of the songs I'd like to have sung there, largely the McCalmans and Silly Wizard pieces, but also James Keelaghan's "Cold Missouri Waters", a song I listened to constantly about a year ago (well, actually the Cry Cry Cry version of it.)

Hopefully I won't end up too wet today. We need to buy another umbrella as we only own one and C. has taken it for the day. I, at least, have lots of hoods and cloaks and things that'll keep much of me dry.
Fishy Circumstances


The sun just came out for the first time today and here I am safely indoors. If it lasts through the evening, then Lindsay and I can safely go to Music Night - she's going for the first time!

I thought I was prepared for the weather, I dressed in a waterproof cloak and sensible shoes. But no... I had to wait for a miserable half an hour in the pouring rain before the streetcar showed up. (For those who don't know, the streetcar usually comes fairly reliably every 10 minutes or more often). My backpack and the bottom foot's worth of skirt were thoroughly soaked. Of course, since the streetcar had had such a long gap, it went very slowly, so many people were waiting for it. Thus, I arrived at tutorial 15 minutes late and having had no lunch.

It was a small tutorial (cwjat I'm in Anthony's this term), only 5 of us. We went over the rest of the exam. Then I happily went and had lunch and showed up only half an hour late for the OGS meeting. I have lots of good feedback now and can go to work!