October 15th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

Wallace and Gromit!

Go watch a Wallace and Gromit short! Nick Park is releasing 10 1-minute movies, beginning today. To begin with, they're only available through BBC Online.

There've been no new ones in ages, and this remedies that.

And it has a Preston reference! (Okay, I know, I know, Nick Park's from there, so the odds of there being one is greatly improved.)
Fishy Circumstances

Good things

Various historians of technology who used to be in my department but aren't any more are in town now, since my department is hosting the
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Various historians of technology who used to be in my department but aren't any more are in town now, since my department is hosting the <a href=""http://shot.press.jhu.edu/"">Society for the History of Technology Conferenece</a> (SHOT) this weekend. In between the hours I spent today folding pieces of paper and stuffing envelopes, 3 notable things occurred:

- Nearly a year after doing my little piece for the Discovery Channel, I learned from Marianne, who knows the Discovery folks, that they thought my work was 'exemplary' on it! Hurray! She's doing a history of tech in the media session on Saturday, along with the guy who did the LOTR things for Discovery, and, since it involves a person who's involved in SHOT, they're thinking of using my 5 minutes!

- Steve, who graduated the year after I started here, mentioned he'll be the respondant to my Kalamazoo paper. Also a hurray! He knows the material well, AND he's a friend.

- Mindbogglingly, my advisor left a job advertisement in my mailbox today. Suddenly, it's as if I've grown up, as if I'm actually eligible for jobs! Admittedly, I won't be applying for this one: it's a good post, one I would be happy to apply for in a year or two, but not one I would rush through and finish my PhD a whole year early for. I don't want to be too rushed in this - I want to have the full benefit of the degree, and I DO want to finish doing PhD Latin. And be proud of my dissertation, if at all possible. Part of the reason he thought of me is that the position is in medieval history, at Iowa State University, a mere 45 minute drive from home. If any of you are on the market, you're duly alerted that the position exists.

Still, those were three amazing things to all happen today.
Fishy Circumstances


I nearly forgot to mention the other good thing today: I've finally seriously gotten started on my conference paper, now that I have all the background material. Unfortunately, most of the next 24 hours will be taken up with latin, badminton, work hours, a talk I need to go to, and - good, but not work - various social events, including a farewell dinner for cwjat. Mmmm, Indian food.