October 28th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances


Evidence that our downstairs neighbors are flakes: they labeled our doorbells, so visitors would know whose to ring. So far, so good. It was a good idea. The problem is, they put the labels by the wrong doorbells, which rather defeats the purpose. I've switched them.
Fishy Circumstances

Magazine week

I hereby declare it to be Magazine Week since three nice things involving magazines happened this week for me.

1) My Smith Alumnae Quarterly finally arrived, complete with a picture of me and family in it.

2) The Economist had two articles in praise of Iowa this week (technically last week). I'm always happy to see my home state lauded. They were particularly praising it as the most democratic of states, as it is the only one in the US which had an independent committee do the redistricting. As a consequence, of the 20 contested House of Representatives seats in the country, 4 are in Iowa, highly disproportionate given Iowa has all of 5 members of the House.

3) You may or may not remember that sometime during the summer a journalist contact me about recommendations for illustrations on an article about Medieval meteorology. Well, true to his word, he did send me the issue of Pour la Science which is entirely dedicated to Medieval science and technology! Not only is it gorgeous looking, but he did indeed use my recommendations. And I have my very own copy. It was time well spent.