October 30th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances


I hadn't understood clogs before. My grandmother gave me a hand-me-down pair earlier this summer that she'd not used much and I've been using them to go outside just far enough to do laundry. Yesterday my feet were a little achy from my currently dominant pair and I needed to wear something different, so I tried the clogs for the day and they worked very nicely indeed. So know I understand why clogs can be nice shoes.

I'm still sick and, for the second time in a row, am skipping badminton because of it. I'll probably still make it to Latin (Bernard of Clairvaux) though - especially since I need to go out anyways to buy a mask. At least I feel comfortable with postponing my makeup work hours a least another day - I need the rest, after all.
Fishy Circumstances

Medieval Studies forum (Smith)

Indirectly thanks to athene's posting to the smithalums group on her SSFFS Alumnae mailing list, I just ran across a new community devoted to Medieval Studies at Smith - medievalbabes - although since they only had 2 members as of earlier today, I know they'll happily accept non-Smithies into the group. (I say "they" but really it's "she" - collegecate's the name of the group founder) It's intended for current undergraduates, not graduate students, but my strong suspicion is that they won't mind a graduate major or five loitering around. After all - we can pretend we're older and wiser now! (or something like that)
Fishy Circumstances

Get-well food

Instead of resting when I arrived home today, I cooked. They were low-key recipes, involving things cooking themselves much more than me having to deal with them, and both were from my two different Ithaca/Moosewood cookbooks. I had barley veggie stew and brownies. Dinner was good.

I'm still feverish, but that's rather irrelevant to the most aggravating ache I have - my knee is hurting badly - C. thinks it's a muscle cramp that's failing to leave me alone.