November 6th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

A wonderful dinner

I like meals consisting of many small, varied dishes. So I was particularly looking forward to tonight's dinner at Citron, a tasting menu to introduce their new winter menu. (They have a website but seem to be mixed up about it. Their one at is a year or so out of date; their business card claims they have one at but there's nothing there.) It didn't disappoint.

It was a 5 course meal, prix fixe for everything except drinks. Becky had more grading to do afterwards, so we split one bottle of wine between us (a Gewurztraminer since Becky and I had been discussing it). Which isn't much for a big, long meal, but that's okay. Every course consisted of 2 or 3 dishes, served from a single platter, with the pieces divided into 4 parts for easy serving. Except for C. avoiding the shrimp and the fish dishes, this made for easy apportionment.

Appetizer: bread with 3 spreads: white bean, black bean, and garlicky mint yogurt; checken tenders stuffed with lingonberry and blue cheese; shrimp with lemongrass coconut milk sauce.

Vegetarian course: portobello mushroom torte with rice crust (really, really good); pumpkin and coconut spicy stew with coconut crunchy things and basmatic rice.

Light meat course: chicken stuffed wth brie and rosemary; arctic char with chutney and a chai creme fraiche sauce (which balanced each other much better than had the shrimp and milky sauce)

Dark meat course: duck with berry sauce; ostrich (which was nice, but I can't remember the details of the preparation)

Dessert: ginger apple cake with a really delicious cream; wild blueberry sorbet with a little biscuit - very very blueberryish indeed.

Everyone else had coffee of various sorts - I don't drink it. It was a wonderful, delicious meal, well worth the indulgence, with good company, and full of lovely happy nibbly things. Citron is still probably my favorite restaurant in Toronto.

They've also opened a new takeaway store next door which does gourmet food products, plus lunch and snackies of their own concocting. It's just as well that it's an extremely inconvenient place to go for lunch under any circumstances, if convenient for dinner.