November 7th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances


My new picture came out of a corner of a photograph. Since we registered, a few people have given us owl and fish objects. C. already owned a substantial owl collection, but the fishes are all new. The Celtic Owl I was using before was the first of these. My parents gave me a pair for my birthday (the brightly colored fish and the white owl int he background) and Jenene gave us two really small ones which are also magnets - they're in the foreground, but you can't see them too well.

Oddly enough, this is from a picture C. took of me with the digital camera. The bit of me (back in my few days with straight hair) didn't turn out nearly as well as did this lovely little detail.
Fishy Circumstances

Autumnal Blue

There was a hard frost last night, the first serious cold of the year. A great many trees shed their leaves in a flood, leaving many streets solidly coated in leaves, including the intersection right outside my apartment. The sky is crisply clear blue and the sun is shining, but the air is cold. It really does feel as if the seasons changed today.
Fishy Circumstances


C. has his new phone and he's very happy with it. It's an immense improvement over his old one, certainly - a pretty little lightweight thing, much lighter, immensely longer battery life, and full of nifty features to play with. His programming project-of-the-week is a weblog system. I wouldn't use it for livejournal, but for some things on my main website. In theory, he could use it too, but he complains that, unlike me, he has nothing to talk about. The funny thing is, I don't really have much to talk about but, as my parents could tell you, I've been telling people about how my day went since I was a young person. C. usually has some programming project on the go - it's a good way to play with new languages and systems. He usually makes it a bit beyond functional but hardly ever anywhere near polished.

We stopped by Bakka today, en route to SciFi pub night, since they're discontinuing their frequent buyer cards, so I need to make a few more purchases and use mine up before the end of the year. This means I need to space out my desired acquisitions - or just covet and buy more. At least there's always the used section. I picked up Sheri Tepper's Fresco.

My muscles are still sore from yesterday's badminton. It was a good class, very energetic, and I had the chance to play far more people than usual. I was happy with myself about it. I've been catching up on work hours, doing latin - the usual things really.

Tomorrow's the exhibit trip!