November 9th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

The Wonder of Houseguests

We had guests over to play games yesterday (Kill Dr. Lucky and Lord of the Fries) evening, and the apartment hadn't been really cleaned in ages - largely since we've had no guests over lately. It's amazing how having guests already here helps to focus the mind on the 10-minutes-maximum worth of things which, if cleaned up, will make the place feel presentable. My apartment looks much better for remarkably little effort. It's not the same thing as properly cleaning and sorting, but it certainly looks better.

One of those guests who came over and played games last night was Lindsay, who as of today, now has a journal of her own: pittenweem!
Fishy Circumstances

The Two Towers Exhibit

Yes, of course I'm happy I went! I'll start at the beginning.

I abandoned my backpack at the Institute so I wouldn't be lugging it around the exhibit, which is only across the street from my department. Although I was meeting up with a large horde, I admit I had very little advantage of their company. I'm often fairly slow going through museums and exhibits. It's easier to look at things by myself, or at least only with people who are going just as slowly as I am. That, and I wanted to do a little bit of drawing, which also delayed me. Only quick sketches, but even still.

I started by watching the full two previews they had playing on flat screens throughout (which doubled as a large advertisement for High Definition TV, with a helpful explanatory flier included in the program) - but usually not with sound. They were beautiful with such detail, but perversely, the Two Towers script I mentioned the other day kept going through my mind at inopportune moments, but at least in amusing ways.

Display cases in the opening rooms, pre-handing-over-ticket included, among other things, Frodo's mithril vest, Boromir's horn (whole), 2 of Elrond's books (and crown), and lots of Arwen jewelery (Evenstar, another Arwen necklace, her crown) - very pretty things. Galadriel's mirror-bowl and pitcher were also there, etched silver. (Ilana and I later discussed how it must've been specially designed to reduce splatter when being poured from a height...) The walls througout were lined with stills from the forthcoming movie, hundreds of them.

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Fishy Circumstances


Opera Atelier never ceases to amaze me. Coming home tonight, I was idly thinking that when/if we leave Toronto, I would happily come back twice a year especially for their productions. I've liked every productions of theirs I've seen, and I've seen 3 now.

It's a baroque opera company which focuses on recreating the dance, gestures, singing style, props, set, and costumes of baroque opera. They have their own danse troupe. Tafelmusik is their orchestra and often their choir as well. Their productions are opulent, gorgeous, fun, beautifully articulated, and all done with a delightful sense of being human, having a sense of humor, and empathizing with the characters. These are opera singers who really act. And the operas are performed in the relatively intimate and goldenly decadent Elgin Theatre. Each year they do two operas, one in its native language with surtitles, and generally the second one is a fun, better known one sung in English - accessibility lures in the audiences, and hey, they're great productions.

Tonight was Charpentier's Medée, and it lived up to my expectations. Collapse )