November 11th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

Empty keyboards

Apparently there's not alot of competition for computer at 9-something in the morning at Robarts - for the first time, they were all available for my use. Almost any other time of day, I would have to wait 10 minutes just to look up a single book. How decadent.

I'm also feeling more pleased with the library computer system as a whole now that they've reinstated electronic reminders for due library books - I was trained into dependency on the system last year and for several months this fall after implementing the new catalog, they weren't using it
Fishy Circumstances

The Smell of Chocolate

One of the nice features of living in my neighborhood is that, now and again when the wind blows in the right direction, the whole neighborhood smells very nicely of chocolate. We live near a chocolate factory.

I finished most of my week's work hours today, lots of Latin, and drying off from last night's rain. (To be fair, I didn't get that wet - I managed to avoid the puddles and use the umbrella effectively.) I think more rain fell last night than has fallen all summer. Jenene's finally taking her specialist exam this week, I got to talk to my grandmother, and I have a full day to do Real Work tomorrow. And tomorrow my mother arrives on the other side of the ocean again.

We've found a web hosting service to try out so it looks as if my main web site really will be changing address for the first time ever in another week or so.