November 12th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances


For the first time ever, the radio station I've been using as an alarm clock is offering a giveaway which tempts me to call in to try to get it: tickets to have dinner with Laura Pausini on Friday. I've been listening to her music for better part of the last 10 years and I know she's about my age. This is her first foray into the English-language market and put all that together and it's more incentive than I have for most of the artists and events they advertise. Plus I suspect they'll have fewer people trying for the tickets than they often would.

I don't know her recent album(s) but I still like singing along to the early ones.

On a different subject, I have two dilemmas at the moment.

Dilemma #1 - The LOTR DVD. I've never owned a dvd before but I have a player now. Should I ask for it for Christmas and wait? The problem is... I've found it substantially cheaper than I suspect the likely gift-givers have. And... even more than the dvd itself, what I've really been coveting are the Argonath bookends which, awkwardly, requires me to buy the collector's edition of the dvds, which are even more expensive, and thus it's even better that Indigo has them for a third off right now.

Dilemma #2 - Which Harry Potter showing to go to on Friday. If I go to the early show, I miss UTARPA, throw any chances of that Laura Pausini dinner out the window, and possibly get neckache... but... I'd then have the happy prospect of going out for drinks afterwards with nice people and discussing the movie. I can always make up UTARPA showings by renting the dvds, but that somewhat defeats the point of paying for the membership. Or... I could go to the late showing with the Major St. household, go to UTARPA, but not have drinks afterwards and fail to establish a yearly tradition of seeing these movies with pittenweem, Hey, if I go with her, maybe a tv station will interview us about it again!
Fishy Circumstances

The End of "The"

"The Toronto Star" has a new name as of today, "Toronto Star", part of a general redesign and change-of-look. I don't generally follow these things closely, but it's stuck in my mind especially thanks to an article I read perhaps a year ago bemoaning the death of "The" in things like movie titles.
Fishy Circumstances


We're working on 20th century Latin this week in Medieval Latin class. Why? Because the Karl Strecker passage was on the exam. We need to be able to read latin about Medieval subjects as well as Medieval latin.

On the subject of Latin, I ran across an LJ which has a number of entire entries written in the language... for those of you who want a go at it, the weblog belongs to jdm314. If that wasn't focused enough, I also ran across beluosus, whose LJ is entirely in Latin.
Fishy Circumstances


C.'s work visa arrived today! He can stay in Canada for another year!

My mother should be successfully back in Venice by now. Jenene's exam is tomorrow and she sounds quite knowledgeable about nitrous oxide in the 19th century, so it should all go well.

I did work today. Real work. Admittedly, it largely proved unsuccessful and more eliminated potentially useful information than gave me much to work with. I'm looking for a poem on inventors by Marcantonio Sabellico, a late fourteenth-century historian of the Venetian republic who wrote a poem on inventors which Polydore Vergil decries as only being an echo of Pliny's list of inventors in his Natural History. There's a scholar in London working on Sabellicus I would love to contact, but I'd feel happier doing it once I've had a chance to read through the poem first. All those heuramatological lists are useful to me. (The word refers to these collected lists of inventors of various things.)