November 19th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

The elusive poem

I spent several more hours in search of the Sabellicus poem today, still to no avail on my part, although I had a few last tentative leads. On the bright side, I received email from my mother saying she'd found it at the Marciana and can obtain a copy for me. I even now know how long the thing is: 7 pages! I've told all the librarians who asked me how long the poem was I was looking for that it was somewhere between half a page and 100 pages. I was right.

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My muscles are sore from badminton (we did far more in the way of warm-up exercises than usual and - for the first time - actually played badminton!), and I had a long, if productive, Vagantes meeting this afternoon. We've figured out the schedule and the program for the conference now (whew) and we might just about be in the black for funding. Hurray!