November 22nd, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

As seen today

The local too-chic-for-the-likes-of-me furniture store has redecorated for the holidays. Its current color scheme for the walls, lighting, and objects-for-sale is orange and white. They have a Christmas tree by the door. It's been spray-painted orange to match the decor.

Old Vic, a large, majestic, Victorian castle-like academic building on campus where my department is located, was relabeled today. The sign outside the building read "Faculty of Science." Strikingly, in small print right above this, a sign read something like "Office of Arts and Sciences, First Floor." Does this mean whoever wrote the sign thinks of A&S as a subdivision of the sciences in general? Or that science warrants an entire faculty, whereas the administration for A&S can make do with a office somewhere.

The relabeling was because of a film/tv series/show/something-being-filmed called "The Skulls III" which had taken over the center of Victoria College campus today, despite the alternating snow and rain which miserably drizzled down all day. The sun has partially come out now that it's setting.

Update: I have deduced from a casual web search that The Skulls III must be the sequel to The Skulls II, a sequel movie which came out this past spring. Evidently it did well enough to warrant another sequel.