November 24th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances


It's been a pleasantly social weekend for me, and somewhat productive as well. I did a fair amount of shopping yesterday (and bought a new skirt!), ate well, and am (amazingly) likely to do both homework and cleaning this afternoon. My weekends aren't normally so complete and well-rounded.

Homework is more finish-able than usual since I'll only be able to go to one of my Latin classes this week (Vergil, Eclogue 4). Cleaning is overdue, but is especially inspired by having a guest over for dinner tonight. (And watch anime! And make up for missing more bits of UTARPA, thanks to theengineer!) I had a lovely evening of drinks with pittenweem, among others (with a very tasty dinner of ribs and salad). I had a different lovely evening of watching/listening to half of the actors' commentary to the FOTR and eating spanikopita, drinking ghirardelli cocoa, and generally consuming other really good foods. We had brunch at Mitzi's with Jenene and the pear-and-thick-cream topping on their pancakes was very good. But really, my life doesn't entirely revolve around eating, however much it may sometimes sound that way.