January 7th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances


I had a productive day today. I compiled a slew of events and books and images into a chronological database so I can see how it all relates. I found many misplaced photocopies of useful articles. And I attended the first lecture of the semester for TAing, this one on Aristotelian biology.

News highlight: Germany's television license fee agency demanded payment of the t.v. license from St. Walburga, dead these last 1200 someodd years.
Fishy Circumstances

Small World Potato Things

On New Year's Eve we went shopping for snacks with which to stay up late. Pringles had many new flavors out, not all of which seemed familiar, including Paprika. We went back to our friend's house with a container of curry-flavored crisps and liked them enough that we brought back a container for pittenweem. No idea if she'll like them, but we all did.

Today, catching up on web reading, I notice that just yesterday, boingboing put up a picture of said curry-flavored potato chips, as part of a link to interesting food packaging world-wide. It's a small world sometimes.