January 29th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Fun with juggling balls

The reading for this week was so immensely long, and somewhat dense and complicated, and the movie shown in lecture is, as a general rule, a rather disturbing if informative one, that I've decided a complete change is needed to explain all the material. I'm bringing in brightly colored juggling balls to help with the explanation of how blood circulates through the body. The students will play the parts of the body. I hope it works.
Fishy Circumstances


A day later, and I'm still delighted by this quiz, based on the concept of Which OS would you be?

I like it because it uses so very many different operating systems. It made me happy to know I'd heard of all but 3 of them. It also made me happy to know I could think of even more which hadn't been included. (Yet another thing found through Daypop.)