March 2nd, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

LiveJournal and the World

One of the main reasons for LiveJournal's charms is that it was invented in isolation. When bradfitz came up with the idea, he was unaware of the already extant blogging phenomenon, and really, it's just as well. It might be in part thanks to this ignorance that LJ has the friends and communities and commenting networks which give it its own particular features and style.

Because LiveJournal was designed to favor internal communities, it's retained a comfortable insularity. For example, if you reply to a post anonymously, LJ doesn't cue you to leave your email address and non-LJ website or weblog URL. There's nothing wrong with this: it's a natural consequence of the setup which encourages visitors to become users. Still, it's because of this internality that LiveJournal Review can have cause for complaint about the Technorati ratings.

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Fishy Circumstances


I finally sewed the button back on the lovely vest I bought back in November, wore once, a button vanished, and the company sent me a new one a week or so ago. I am so happy to have this piece of clothing back, and for so little effort. A little bit of mending is easy to do, and gives me clothing back to wear. If only I would do more of it more frequently, my wardrobe would be much improved, and by clothing I already own.

Update: So much for thinking the button saga was over. I only realized when I came back from wearing it that they'd sent me the wrong size button. No wonder I had trouble buttoning it up.