March 9th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances


I am the proud new owner of two new sets of reasonably cheap and fairly sturdy bookshelves. The maxim that you can never have too many bookshelves holds true. I alphebatized all the fiction, and can fit A-Mc on the shelves. The rest of the alphabet is still on the floor, if better ordered than it used to be. We'll have more bookshelves next week when the store gets in another order. Shelves for nearly every room, hopefully including some for the boardgames piled up in the living room.

Odds and ends: I've done some work this weekend, but not a huge amount. I read a few dissertation-relevant articles and hope to do some writing about them later this evening after I finish the assigned quotient of Boethius for tomorrow. I rented some anime last night - I'm still not used to renting video-type-things - and watched one. The Magic Users Club had a pathetic two episodes on one disc, but I did rather enjoy them. The club's vice president had an especially nice sense of style, and I liked the scenes with the new magic users learning to ride brooms. I wouldn't mind watching the rest of the series, it's just a pity there are so few episodes per disc. Brunch was at The Swan today (nice spinach-with-pumpkin-seed-and-dried-cranberries salad), and for dinner we had a very tasty pesto cream sauce pasta with sautéed pork. I had good conversations with my father and grandmother. My youngest cousin is graduating from high school already this spring!