March 10th, 2003On this day in different years

Fishy Circumstances

Daily Education

Today I learned...

...that cheese makes for remarkably good bible stories. (found via Making Light)

...that action movies can be remarkably abstruse, and their trailers randomly generated. My first attempt yielded "In a world of illusion, eight prophets try to find justice." An action movie?? (also found via Making Light)

...that Dominion stocks frozen British-style pork pies. Despite coming with bonus airmiles, I decided to think about the acquisition some other time. I'd be more tempted if they were fresh.

...that cliosfolly already knows the authors of all the weblogs I ever casually come across. (Today's stellar example was truepenny's.)

...that there are several promising-looking articles in the Warburg &l Courtauld Journal on Veritas filia temporis, but, much as they are helpful, I shouldn't pursue this route too far at the moment as it will only get me sidetracked from what I really need to be researching.

...that if I spent as much time writing as I do thinking about writing and reading about writing, I would be producing quite a bit of writing.