March 17th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Endless Errands

This week will be a very productive one. There are just enough things to do that if I plan it very carefully, they might all get done - with the exception of any dissertation work, which, if you will recall, is what I'm really meant to be working on.

I tracked down more brochures for Vagantes today, and my business card came in handy - it gave me credibility as a real bona fide graduate student when I went to the ROM to ask for brochures. For those of you attending the conference - the brochures may look to the untrained eye like free recyclables, but there's a story behind how I obtained each and every one of them.

The lovely blue folders will be ready to be picked up tomorrow - happily, when I called first thing this morning to add a sixth box to my order, the store manager said they might still be able to get it in in time for it to arrive tomorrow morning. I'm certainly hoping. With the exception of the program, which someone else is printing, I know have most of the assorted material which is meant to go in the folders. I'm getting there!

Meanwhile, in between wearing out my shoes tracking down brochures, there's cleaning to do, Hrotsvit to decipher, and much grading left to be done.