March 25th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

A Belated Wish

Happy Springtime!

Starting around the middle of last week, the bright sunny clear blue days have been alternating with drizzling rain and grey skies, in true springlike fashion. Today is a dismal-looking drizzly day, but at least nearly all the snow has now melted. Admittedly, this makes the world look more drab than when it was covered in snow, but ups the odds that there will be flowers soon.
Fishy Circumstances

Hurray for my sister!

A month or two ago, my sister flew out to Chicago for an interview for the Presidential Management Internship program. Today she heard she's a finalist! While it doesn't assure her a job, she reports that as long as she's proactive about applying, she should be set with a nicely paying job with the federal government. Most of the positions are in D.C. but there are some in other cities as well.