March 26th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Raiders of the Lost Ark, and other things

Before today, I had only ever seen one Indiana Jones movie. Now, I've seen a second one - or rather, the first one - and I'm very glad I did! Not only was Raiders of the Lost Ark a fun movie in its own right, but it makes clearer the lineage of movies such as The Mummy and Lara Croft. It might also explain the popularity of leather jackets. Also, seeing the movie poster in the lobby reminded me that I haven't seen a fully hand-drawn movie poster in a very, very long time. The Bloor Cinema is showing Indiana Jones movies all week. I suspect that it is not a coincidence that PvP is also having an Indiana Jones week. As I know from PvP, Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb game just came out.

The day as a whole was one of those where lots of little things keep going wrong: the atm which had always been there wasn't, the other atm only dispensed 50s, dinner never happened, C. and I repeatedly couldn't reach each other since the Institute phone wasn't ringing and C.'s mobile kept losing the signal, I didn't have a phone card, no cash for nibbles at the movie due to the aforementioned vanished atm... you get the idea. On the bright side, I don't often get to see Ellie and Tony.

Something that did go very well indeed, however, was the workshop I'd rather selfishly arranged for this afternoon. You see, I know I need to practice the art of syllabus writing, but I can't particularly say I know anything about how to go about doing so. In order to to give me some starting clues, I convinced Ian to give HAPSAT a colloquialism on the subject of syllabi writing, and he was full of advice and good ideas. I can post some highlights some other time.

I still have about a third of my grading to go, but it's less urgent now that the professor needs a few days to go over the essays before they're returned. Still, I need to finish them by tomorrow so I can do my other work hours on Thursday and have time to spend when my father comes to visit!