April 4th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

A Dismal Day

Ice Pellets. Freezing Rain. Sars sensationalism. War and things.

The BBC currently has a map which makes the SARS spread in Canada look much, much worse than it is, thanks to both the map projection, and the sheer size of the country. Australia (among other countries) is encouraging its citizens not to visit Toronto, and a few US companies have put strict rules on any of their employees who do. As someone in the city in question, I'm not feeling worried as long as I can stay out of hospitals!
Fishy Circumstances

Ice pellets, revisited

About 4 inches of ice pellets fell. The world looks like it is covered in snow, but it has neither the dense, fluffy beauty of snow, nor the glitter of a good ice storm. Instead, it's oddly entertaining, while extremely difficult to shovel. When it falls, the little ice pellets all bounce off of each other. They're little things, maybe 2 mm in diameter at most. And because the fallen pellets are so dense, walking on them is almost like being Legolas on a snow drift, as C. commented this afternoon.

Although you probably couldn't tell from my morning post, I was feeling fairly optimistic this morning, but the day lived up to the post, not my hopes. The professor I TA for can't teach the final class, since he has a funeral to go to. Latin tutorial was particularly frustrating, especially for grammar. I don't mind not knowing vocabulary as much as I do the grammar. I ought to know all the grammar already, whereas with the words, I have the fun of finding entirely new ones. I went to a very good talk this afternoon, but afterwards everyone asked intelligent and insightful questions which left me feeling as if I should have been able to ask some too, or at least think some original thoughts, but my mind simply wasn't up to it. Lastly, I came home and was frustrated by the difficulties in shoveling ice pellets welded together by a modicum of freezing rain. Happily, the evening was been much better.