April 11th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Medieval Heatwave, Fruit, and the IT Industry

I've been accruing interesting tidbits for the last several days in my browser. Since my browser functions better if I close it down every several days, I thought I would clear out my tabs by finally getting around to sharing these.

  • H.D. Miller writes on a recent study about the Little Optimum, the 9th-14th century warm spell. Lots of other people wrote on the subject too when the article came out a few days ago, but most were coming from a "I told you so, global warming isn't really a problem" perspective, rather than a more constructive historical one.

  • Making Light discusses rare citrus fruits. The comments are even more interesting, especially if you happen to like fruit and are curious about all the variations it can take. And if you want to know what clementines are the "Palm Pilot of fruit."

  • Mama Musings recently posted on the paucity of women playing major roles in the IT industry. My undergraduate computer classes were almost all-female (it was a single-sex institution), so it still seems odd to me that such a small proportion of the overall industry is female.