April 14th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Good Things

* It's finally really, truly spring. Even the weather now thinks so. The last of the snow is melting off and the flowers - if not killed off by last week's snows - might finally have a chance to bloom.

* Classes are over and, at least this weekend, I've been as productive as I was hoping I would be. I'm finally at the point where it's possible for me to finish off this chapter draft and prove to my advisor that yes, indeed, I have been getting work done.

* Shrimp, feta, and tomato stew. In addition to other potluck delectables and a good first game of Deadwood. I finally broke C.'s persistant winning streak. You'd figure with 5 or 6 people playing games together, more than one of them could manage to win three games in a row, but C. swept them all the other week.

* Clean clothing. Lots of it.
Fishy Circumstances


I'm often happier not reading the news. Today, it was going through the aggregator that provided the news I'm sorry to have read, not because I didn't want to know about, but because I didn't want it to have happened: the complete looting of the National Museum of Iraq.

Burning bird, Making Light, the Digital Medievalist, Long Story; short pier, and Kuomori have all posted on it, with thoughtfulness and feeling.

I wandered across this note just now, about the life of Gertrude Bell: "In helping create the National Museum of Iraq, she promoted the idea that excavated antiquities should stay in their country of origin." It was a good idea. I wonder how many of those antiquities will still be there in another week or month.

Update: Cronaca constructively points out that one of the biggest losses from the museum was loss of its records.
Fishy Circumstances

Chapter Draft

I turned in my partial chapter draft today. My advisor now has proof that yes, I really am working on my dissertation. Just as importantly, now I have proof that I can make some inroads on it!