May 19th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Victoria Day and other things

Today's a holiday, in honor of Victoria Day. C. has the day off work so we'll be going blading in the afternoon (since obviously it makes the most sense to go during the hottest part of the day). The day is lovely out - blue skies, pleasantly warm but not hot.

Between dinner with pittenweem on Friday, Anime North on Saturday, and Mitzi's and gardening plus Matrix Reloaded yesterday, the weekend's gone by fairly quickly. I've planted the forget-me-not seeds from Earth Day, as well as the rose bush, and some Mother of Thyme ground cover to help fill in the built-in boxes. I really don't know what's growing in the pot which had mint in it last year, but it's not mint and there's a lot of it.

My family's off in Lesterville, and while I've not been too productive work-wise, at least I've been organizing papers. In the long run, that's always helpful.
Fishy Circumstances


The sky was full of fireworks tonight, all around. We went up on the roof deck and watched for a while. There were fireworks from every direction. I'd estamate they came from at least 40 or 50 different yards, but most came from about six parks and schools nearby. Whizzy white spirals. Green and blue popping ones. Violet starbursts.

The main fireworks for the city were miles away, on the opposite side of downtown, so we didn't stand a chance at seeing them from home. Still, it certainly was lovely to see the city alive with the sparkle of controlled fire.