May 25th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances


theengineer hosted a party last night, which was an enjoyable and mostly relaxing way to spend the evening. I met new people and saw friendly people I already knew. Two small world moments: one of the people who came to the party I knew from the Centre's summer softball season; another knew the host of the music night I regularly go to. There were lovely sticky cinnamon buns (among other snacks) to nibble on, and the host let me borrow his copy of Coraline, which I've wanted to read for a while (and now have!!)

As the evening wore on, however, my throat began to feel as if I was talking too loudly. It was noisy, but I didn't feel convinced I really had been having my conversations too loudly. Anyways, by the time midnight came, I was fading, so we went home shortly afterwards. This morning my throat felt no better, and I now have a mild fever. I shall drink lots of lemon-ginger tea today and try not to speak too much.
Fishy Circumstances

Sharing the joy...

I've had German's entry in Eurovision bouncing through my head all day. It's a perky, cheesy song which makes me happy, and you too can listen to it, either via the BBC's low res video streaming or the higher-end Windows-only options on Eurovision's official site. Belgium's song was very good, with a new age vibe (in a made up language, no less), and Austria's is insanely zany. Turkey's was solid (and won). Most of the rest are more generic entrants, although I've had Poland's and Sweden's entries drifting through my head off and on as well.