May 30th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

SARS and the City

1) I heard on the radio yesterday that not all teenagers appear to understand the meaning of "quarantine." One of the high schools is closed and everyone under quarantine at the moment since someone went to school last week who later that day came down with SARS-like symptions. However, some of the students who attend that school were later seen at the mall, making good use of their free time.

2) The Lion King has been playing in Toronto for several years, and doing quite well at it. The heavy drop in tourism however, occasioned by WHO SARS warnings, has had serious affects on ticket sales for the musical, and it might close later this year.

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Fishy Circumstances


How many intersections have their own website? (Well... probably more than I realize.)

Yonge-Dundas square opens this evening with concerts and fireworks. The square comprises an acre of smooth paving curving up to a stage. The photos make it look like a parking lot, but having some fountains around in the actual space help to combat that effect. It's all very grey, with some color contrast provided by surrounding buildings and large advertising billboards. I haven't seen the space in use, so we'll see how it develops. Thus far, pre-opening ceremonies, it's looked rather empty.
Fishy Circumstances

Moving Day

Or moving weekend anyways. But happily, I'm not one of the ones moving! pittenweem and snowdrifted are each moving into a house. Derek (Muir) is moving back to York from the U.S.

There's other travelling happening too, to expand on the subject of "moving" more literally. Either yesterday or today my sister was taking a ferry to Livorno. My parents are off to CincinnatiCleveland. tammabanana and ultrascichick are off to Vegas. crustycurmudgeo is on a road trip, out west. kuomori's gone off to Texas. I have three books I ordered for which I just now received shipping confirmation, so they're moving about also. hilly02 isn't going to Boston this weekend, but just after it, so close enough.

Me? I'm staying still and working for most of the day, and being very glad I don't have to pack up my belongings and myself anytime soon.