June 20th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

The Well Full of Good Books

With so many people happily posting Harry Potter things in honor of HP5-eve, I thought I would be perverse and let you all know how excited I am that in another 12 days, The Well of Lost Plots will be coming out in England!! The Well of Lost Plots is the third in the Thursday Next series, which began with the amazing Eyre Affair, a book I really loved. I wasn't so excited by the second book (Lost in a Good Book), largely because it begged for a sequel. Consequently I'm really hoping that book 3 will redeem the ending flaws in book 2. Regardless, the entire series is fun, witty, and unabashedly literary. If you haven't read The Eyre Affair, you ought to.

It's coming out in September in Canada, although I suspect import copies will be available at places like Bakka well before then. Amazon.com doesn't currently list a release date in the US, but it'll make it there, never fear. The first two books have, after all.

(I was inadvertantly reminded of this forthcoming event because Glosses recently posted on the first book. As did theengineer, who ran a discussion on it for a book club he's involved with.)
Fishy Circumstances

Librarians and flowers

I bought useful office supplies, including lots of paper clips. I bought pretty flowers as a housewarming gift for friends who are housewarming tonight. I have my receipt all ready to claim my copy of HPatOftP. In addition to being acquisitive, I have fended off noisy librarians, admired graduating hordes, enjoyed the loveliness of the day, and had lunch with ultrascichick, who was in town for 24 hours, and is now gone again. It was good to catch up with her, since I hadn't seen her in months and months.

The noisy librarians were part of the ALA conference currently in town. They couldn't help that the head librarian who was giving them a tour was leading them through quiet study spaces and loudly pronouncing interesting facts about those spaces. I learned a lot about the study space I was using, but every time they came through (once an hour), I couldn't focus on what I was doing at all. Very distracting librarians, they were. But I hope they liked the library!

I had a nice little talk with an ALA attendee yesterday at Fisher, after he admired my HP backback, so we both stopped to chat. I explained about its origin and that no, it wasn't pirated merchandise. He started to explain why the MLA conference is so boring and was sidetracked onto major theoreticians whose names are all I know. It was good.
Fishy Circumstances

Phoenix Rising

Another BBC articleAccording to the BBCC. just mentioned that we missed it. We didn't even think about it until at least two minutes later.

The Order of the Phoenix was released a very few minutes ago, over in the UK.

Update: According to the BBC, "The new book went on sale on 21 June in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and in English in many other countries around the world." If this isn't exactly true... given the timezone I'm in requires all of us in it to wait another 5 hours for it.

Related: From another BBC article, this one discussing how many large companies are doing ludicrous degrees of discounting on the new HP book in order to attract customers: "In many cases, it would be cheaper for independent book stores to buy the new Harry Potter from amazon - or their local supermarket - than direct from the publishers."
Fishy Circumstances

HP in Fanfic news

As long as I'm browsing the news, I thought several of you would appreciate knowing (if you don't already) that the BBC has linked to FanFiction.net (among other sites). The article in question discusses how so many people have done bits of living and writing in the world of Hogwards in the past few years, most particularly through fanfic.