June 21st, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Local Knowledge and the HP Launch Party

Chapters-Indigo is the largest bookstore chain in Canada. They have something like 40 percent of the book market here. Two or so years ago, they were two different chains, the two largest in the country. So when Indigo launched a takeover bid for Chapters, of course it made huge amounts of news. That news included various profile articles about Heather Reisman, the CEO of Indigo. At least one of the articles mentioned that she lived in the Toronto area and stopped by the flagship store now and again. That store is the one closest to campus.

Anyways, I was quite proud of myself when I realized/recognize that the nicely dressed woman with the elegant handbag talking to Indigo staff near the door was none other than Heather Reisman herself. I have enough local knowledge now to recognize the CEO of the locally-based national bookstore chain when I see her there. Especially given it was for the biggest book launch of the year.

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Fishy Circumstances

Today's Solstice

Congratulations to haggisthesecond, who is married today!

Happy longest day of the year/summer solstice. I hope you all had good weather and could spend some time enjoying it.

Good luck to pittenweem, whose concert I'm now missing thanks to wasting a few hours today not finishing off a certain book.

I hope that all of you who eagerly awaited HP5 launch day successfully bought or received your copies today.

And while I'm at it, today is the saint's day of Eusebius of Caesaria.