July 9th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances


I reported the death of the clematis several weeks ago. I'm happy to be able to report that I was wrong about it being dead! Despite having no leaves and looking pathetic and lifeless for a while, it's springing back enthusiastically from its roots!

I've been busy lately. Somehow, I always am before a trip. I still don't have my computer back. I updated the Vagantes website substantially. I mail ordered more anime. I'm not ahead on work hours, but I am at least caught up. I renewed my Medieval Academy of America membership. And I've done a major reorganization of all the books, which means they're all much more sensibly and efficiently arranged than they used to be. And I bought Settlers of Catan - on sale, no less.

I won't be able to properly catch up on weblogs until post-trip, I suspect. I have been able to occasionally and briefly browse, but lack of a computer dedicated to me hampers my ability to do much else about it at the moment.
Fishy Circumstances

Pirates of the Caribbean

I really loved seeing this movie. It make me happy. It had pretty costumes, and lovely ships, and adventure on the high seas, crossings and double-crossings and betrayals and loyalties and romance (but not TOO much romance) and many, many funny bits. And the credits were even better than most, since it included all sorts of nifty water-related jobs and the names of all the ships which were used in the movie.

Note: Stay until after the credits! It's one of those very rare movies which not only has something after the credits, but it adds ever so very slightly to the plot.

Much as snowdrifted assigned me to go appreciate Orlando Bloom in this movie... Johnny Depp completely stole the show.

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