July 29th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Dancing and other things

I went dancing again today. Before a month ago, I hadn't been English Country Dancing since undergrad, and that was a group which focused on modern variations. This group is more interested in the nineteenth century. Still, it's good to be dancing again, even if only sporadically. Perhaps I'll make it to a local contradance one of these months.

I haven't forgotten that I promised to post about the cute puppy. I just received something else about her today.
Fishy Circumstances

Books, Banks, Buttons

The book I acquired last week is not only useful to me, it's the sort of book I would happily recommend to other people as a nicely illustrated survey on the topic of medieval inventions.
Chiara Frugoni, Books, Banks, Buttons and other Inventions from the Middle Ages. trans. William McCuaig. (NY: Colombia U. Press, 2003 [2001])