July 30th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

400,000 people

Today, North America's biggest concert of the year is happening right here in Toronto and I'm not going. I could have. I was tempted for a while. But it is a 9 hour (or so) event, and the crowds will be formidable. Instead, I'm doing Latin and will be watching Seabiscuit.

The purpose of the concert is to help revitalize tourism in the wake of SARS. Evidently there are lots of full hotels in the city this week. Hopefully, the effect will last.
Fishy Circumstances

Rolling Stones et alia

The CBC is running a Windows Media Player only live broadcast of today's concert. (See also their main Toronto Rocks page) Evidently the CN Tower will be all lit up from 9:30 in honor of the event. Evidently the attendance is forecast to be in the range of Woodstock or slightly larger.

Right now they're discussing the related "Beef without Borders" half-mile of barbecue at the events - the aftermath of that case of madcow which was found in Alberta a few months ago, causing several countries to ban Canadian beef.