August 2nd, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

The Small Circles of Fandom

I joined the Serial Diners for dinner tonight. I'd gone once before, and found to my surprise that I already knew most of them, all from various SciFi/Fantasy fandom around the city - First Thursday, Ad Astra, that kind of thing. I'd been thinking of going earlier in the week, before I checked to see where the group was meeting tonight, but then had second thoughts when I woke up with a cold this morning. That was before I found out they were going to a place which specialized in nice, fresh juices. And what better place could a juice-lover like myself go when I'm sick than a place specializing in lovely juices? I was convinced. Fresh on Queen it was.

Dinner was good - I had a veggie burger and root chips. It's a healthy eating place, all vegetarian. Afterwards, we joined the meat eaters (i.e. those not willing to eat vegetarian) at a nearby pub, the Bishop and Belcher. It's a handy pub, spacious, a good place to meet up with other people. I've gone there with friends before and after movies. We went there after the Vagantes dinner.

At some point during the time at the pub, C. came back to the table and mentioned there was a DexCon group meeting downstairs. DexCon! I'd forgotten it was coming up so soon, in large part because it hadn't occured to me that d_benway would be buying airplane tickets for the event only a week in advance, and that was the latest notice I'd had about it. I don't write comic-based fan fiction (or any other fanfic for that matter), so it's not as if I would be attending the event. It's more that I know friends of friends were attending. That people I know tangentially through LJ were there. It was a strange feeling - knowing that lots of people with very familiar usernames were sitting downstairs, one or two of whom I even know a fair amount about, thanks to having followed their weblogs for a long time.

I went downstairs to see if aliciam was there, but no such luck. Ah well. In the scheme of things, it was a minor, if wonderfully surreal, opportunity to miss. I went back upstairs to join the SciFi/Fantasy fans there I was with, and so the evening went on.
Fishy Circumstances


* My parents are coming to visit next week! At long last, my mother will be able to see my lovely apartment.

* My cold isn't as bad today as it was yesterday. But my cough sounds fairly unpleasant.

* I discovered that Suzette Haden Elgin has written a great deal more than I thought she had.

* A warm welcome to nuthouse, all of whom have piled onto the LJ bandwagon.

* Congratulations to rhiannon76, darkling_dreams, and f_butterfly, all of whom acquired new jobs yesterday!