August 13th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

The Mystery of the Carpet People

The bedroom has been stripped of furniture. The dresser is outside on the deck, soaking up the humidity, along with the base for the bed. (Actually... I really hope the dresser doesn't soak up the base for the bed. That would be inconvenient.) Everything else has been tucked or crammed into some corner of the main part of the apartment.

It looks like it's just as well I wasn't planning on doing anything today which involved leaving the house. The landlady said the carpet people would be here at 8 and now it's 9. Assuming I can work with the carpet people here - and assuming they come - today will be that rare treasure, a day entirely devoted to dissertation work.
Fishy Circumstances


Underneath the carpeting and padding in the bedroom is a beautiful wooden floor, coated in an incredible amount of dust. The floor itself couldn't be left as is because of the patched line running through it where there was once another wall in the room, dividing it into two.
Fishy Circumstances

A bad pun and some carpet

A c. 1475 painting shows Pontius Pilate wearing glasses. Does this mean he was short-sighted? (Speaking of Pilate, I saw a preview for The Passion. Ick. That is not a movie fit for the likes of me. Entirely too bloody.)

Why don't people put carpeting on their desks anymore? It would make for a nice, spongier writing surface, although it would require a writing board to go on top of it. Turkish desk rugs were all the rage in the Renaissance, at least in Italy.

And speaking of carpeting (you knew I'd return to the subject!), there's a huge amount of carpeting rolled out into the street right now, far enough that I'm mildly worried a car might run over it. Presumably this is a convenient place to cut it for the rooms inside.
Fishy Circumstances

The big rollout

From all the hammering and noisemaking that's gone on today, the bedroom should be mostly done by now. I don't know this. I intuit it. They've stripped the carpeting off of nearly all our areas, and much of the basement too. There was an extraordinary quantity of dust underneath most of it, largely due to decaying foam and such. The carpet people were astonished by how much dust there was.

I seem to have found their good side, thanks to knowing where Cyprus was and being able to discuss Turkey's Eurovision win this year. They shared some of their Turkish pizza with me for lunch. It was very good. A little lemon juice really does taste good on pizza.