August 14th, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Ah yes. WorldCon.

Reading this much-posted-about post and its related discussions about SF conventions reminds me that WorldCon is coming up in just a few short weeks. This will be my first one, and it's just a lazy streetcar ride away to attend. How could I not go?

Two years or so ago, back when Toronto won its WorldCon bid, it seemed like a good idea to prepay for membership, a price which would only increase as the event grew closer. It also seemed like a good idea to volunteer to assist with such a momentous event. While I successfully acquired my membership back then, volunteering never really worked out. A few people took my name and said they'd get back to me. They never did.

In retrospect, I don't have many regrets about their oversights. Sure, it would have been nice to be a part of such a major in-town event, but at the moment, I'm grateful for all the extra bits and pieces of time I have to devote to other things, like vacuuming up degraded carpet foam dust and finishing off these work hours of mine. It means that I'll have time to devote to C.'s visiting parents and to jennybeast, who is likely passing through that week. It means I'll have that much more time to work on lecture-writing and Latin. Oh, and time to devote to a little thing called a "dissertation".
Fishy Circumstances

Small World Phenomena

My friend jennybeast lives in Washington state and is moving to the east coast at the end of this month on a cross-country trip. She's a fencer.

kashmera lives just north Washington state, up in Canada, and is a sabreuse. She's thinking of coming to visit in a week or two. She was going to be here when jennybeast was, but now jennybeast is now going straight to PA, so they won't overlap after all.

Another one of the few fencers I know, Christopher, lives in NJ, quite close to PA. He reminds me alot of jennybeast. They have similar hair styles and both have worked quite a bit in puppetry. I thought perhaps I could introduce them to each other, as long as they were going to be living nearby. Instead, around the time jennybeast arrives in PA, he leaves on a cross-country drive, going all the way to... Washington state.

Meanwhile, I know several medievalists who might be coming to Toronto around the time I leave it. We all run around in the same few small circles sometimes.

(Speaking of NJ, C. is heading that way again today. )