August 31st, 2003

Fishy Circumstances

Worldcon Day 3

Today was somewhat inadvertantly themed: awards and CanCon (= Canadian Content).

Highlights of the Aurora awards, Canada's SF/F award were Jason Taniguchi's win and well as one which went to Rob Sawyer for a short story last year, Inelectable. That, however, was only the first of the awards he won today. At the Hugos, he nabbed best novel, his first Hugo! (And a third award for the day - best novel in Japanese from this past year - for a translation, of course.) Also, Neil Gaiman won in the novella category for Coraline. LOTR:TTT won for best long form. Plus many other deserving winners, of course.

I've been saving up people-sightings and conversations for a particular post, but I will say it was rather nice to run into Terry Pratchett walking down the street with Neil Gaiman, who was cradling his newly-won Hugo. And very, very briefly speak to each.

Also - I ran into both a past student of mine and a past member of my department today at the con!